MKM ValidationEngine

MKM ValidationEngine (VE) is a software tool that provides business rules for Patient Administration Systems (PAS)and other patient related applications.

This solution validates the data as it is entered up front to minimise costly downstream corrections. VE is designed to help align IT systems more completely with business processes and data validation rules. Business rules are user defined and can trigger custom messages to the user. It allows an additional ‘tier’ of defined business rules to be applied to the entered data, integrating seamlessly with hospital systems and work practices.

To encourage our clients to fully maximise the benefits of VE, MKM Health allows clients to develop and build their own business rules, through the addition of a front-end rules builder.

The advantage of using VE includes:

  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Supports more efficient business process through accurate and timely data capture
  • Revenue savings from the reduction of manually fixing data errors
  • Improved data integrity for statutory reporting and revenue collection
  • Avoids the need to develop/maintain validation reports and separate software packages to check and manage data quality
  • Reduces training required for end users

MKM Health is using this technology to assist in other areas such as providing enterprise views of appointments (across multiple sources), and implementing context based calls to an application programming interface for more expansive Patient Index queries.


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