Data management and analytics

Transforming health with data


The amount of data that is captured in clinical and non-clinical information systems has increased rapidly over the last decade; and managing data is still a major challenge for most health organisations. Data is at the core of health organisation operations and it is the key to effective service delivery to patients, the allocation of funding, cost management and revenue generation.

At MKM Health, we understand healthcare data and we know how to apply innovation to address complex problems. MKM Health provides expert solutions that improve data quality and add value to healthcare organisations. Our data solutions and reporting tools provide accurate, timely, and meaningful data to initiate business efficiencies and deliver cost savings that ultimately improve the level of clinical care and patient outcomes.

Clinical data warehouses

MKM Health has experience in developing data warehouses specifically for the healthcare industry. Clinical data warehouses are the foundation for clinical analytics, they allow data sharing and provide a data storage platform to transfer data from multiple sources. This helps to improve availability and usability of clinical information for research, review and clinical audit and capture all data required to support patient care.

Business Intelligence and data dashboards

Through our partners such as Qlik® we can consolidate and present data in one single dashboard, allowing healthcare entities to view, interact with, and interpret data from disparate sources across multiple functions and departments. The integration of data improves the appropriateness, specificity, and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Reports and extracts

MKM Health has developed a framework that allows the extraction, validation, error processing and messaging of statutory data and we can implement solutions to produce accurate, timely and efficient reporting. Our integrated extracts platform has been developed using the latest technologies and standards to ensure future-proofing. It works with a wide variety of the PAS and clinical source-data provider applications used in New Zealand and Australia.

Data migration

Data migration is one of the most vital aspects to get right in any healthcare project and one that requires specialised, skilled resources. Getting it wrong can not only be catastrophic for the organisation, but for the patients. MKM Health brings data migration skills and expertise to projects with our in-depth knowledge of the health system to provide data migration assistance, project scoping, coordination of the data migration plan, data extraction, data cleansing and testing. We can also review the source data to help improve the overall quality of the data to further ensure a successful migration.